Our investment and strategic partnerships

At RCJ Capital & Investments Group, we actively seek and nurture intrinsic value in our relationships. We go outside the general rule of working with world renowned brands, to add value to potential brands for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders. This enables us to accomplish our goals in a more bespoke and efficient manner than our competitors. This strategic decision explains our focus on Africa and Asia.

Africa’s financial, manufacturing and energy services sectors are poised for enormous expansion. Technological developments and innovations have created a platform for new products, services, and distribution channels, especially in consumer services. There are also regulations in place to support these advancements. For example, the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010 ensures the oil and gas industry provides local value and maximized benefits to Nigerians.

RCJ Capital & Investments Group

RCJ is a boutique financial services  firm in United Kingdom that offers project management services and structured trade finance. We serve clients in more than 10 sub-sahara African countries and beyond.

We facilitate necessary resources and specialist expertise to support the whole project life cycle.

RCJ is actively committed to mobilising trade and investment capital through  the development of strategic partnership. As the financial hub of the group, RCJ team are responsible for developing and nurturing profitable strategic relationships for the constellation of investment capital for our businesses and clients. 

Our breadth of representation and experience means that we are able to look at transactions from the stakeholders’ perspective, thereby ensuring that we deliver the highest quality solution tailored to pre-empt the concerns and negotiating positions of all parties.

RCJ Inc Ltd

The company was registered in October 2013 in United Kingdom to provide business consulting on trade and projects for SME in the United Kingdom by leveraging on the promoters business experiences.

At the heart of the firm since inception is the social entrepreneurial spirit of encouraging and helping SME develop in a sustainable manner.

We offered our services for charity in the first one year of operation mostly to businesses in developing nations of Africa and South America. While working on their business plans and leadership processes, we discovered that the neglect of the importance of business process management affects the business prospect more than any other factor (in many cases). The premium on people and leadership will determine the survival of business than the availability of capital (as many SME supposed).

We focus on trade and project process facilitation and management.

 – Contract procurement services

 – Structured trade support services

 – Collateral management services consultancy 

– Logistics and procurement

Services for international projects including:

 a) EPC contractors,

b) Project Mangers

c) Equipment Supplies

https://dmgUnited Kingdom.com

RCJ Logistics Ltd

We invest in the real estate and hospitality sectors in Africa. Our portfolio includes property management, investment and development companies.

RCJ Logistics handles a couple of project for the Africa Market like the multi-million Solar Powered water project in the Niger Delta of Nigeria; Real Estate syndication and the corporate acquisition processing.

Apprecion Energy Limited

Apprecion Energy Limited was established in 2008 to spearhead our push into the oil and gas trading. Although still relatively small in size, we have plan for a quantum leap growth through strategic acquisitions in the years ahead.

In our usual discreet investment approach, we are developing a strategic relationship to be an active partner in a marginal field with a proven reserve with the support of RCJ .

RCJ Healthcare Limited

RCJ Healthcare Limited operating is a testimonial of our business turnaround adventure. It was set up to take over the Africa medical devices distribution for a German medical consumable marketing firm.

We have been able to develop a range of product notably Ultra sound scanners, Examination gloves, Infusion sets, Needles and Syringes etc.

We supply our products to the number of University teaching Hospitals and healthcare Agencies.

It is a business with high potentials not yet fully realised.


Project management & structured trade finance


Trade and business facilitation


Medical devices distribution


Strategic partnership with substantial oil reserves


Sturctured finance and real estate syndication