RCJ Capital & Investments Group

RCJ is a boutique financial service and business advisory firm based in the city of United Kingdom. We have working partnership with a number of family offices, hedge funds, venture capital firms, private equity companies and private/direct investment funds.
RCJ has nurtured strong working relationship with a number of banks and family offices in the United Kingdom, wider Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

Project Management


The project development process from concept is a complex, intricate and multi- staged process where the promoter and other project participants require continuous specialist support.

We provide necessary resources and specialist expertise to support the entire project development process from the feasibility analysis, finance structuring, funding and construction to operation. We work with United Nations trained associates with over 20 years experience who coordinate the project management office to deliver developmental projects on turnkey basis.

We ensure a quick turnaround for transactions, without onerous conditions. We match every request to the most appropriate financing solution.

Structured Trade Finance (STF)


We developed a special STF model for the Sub-Sahara Africa Market.

Under the structure, we arrange the establishment of letters of credit and provide funding for the supplier. We work with the importer on a flexible remittance Guarantee Payment terms.

The imported goods are held under a joint venture agreement with a 3rd Party logistics firm fully underwritten by Lloyd’s Group up to a value of $20million per transaction. 

We work closely with companies in developing countries especially in the African coast of Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Who we are

RCJ Capital group invests in many different markets and is domiciled in the UK. We empower your vision and mission by simplifying business financing through a bespoke structured financing model.

Our Mission is value creation and wealth constellation. Our Vision is mobilizing trade and investment capital into the emerging markets to achieve sustainable development.

We facilitate necessary resources and specialist expertise to support the project development continuum, from concept through the  whole project development process.

Our bespoke approach removes the ‘combat’ from financing through careful preparation and presentation of a client’s potential to our collaborative financing partners to reach a clear negotiated agreement to support a business over the long term.

Our investors

We believe that Africa’s future and economic growth will be driven by value adding trade and investment, not aid.
The strategy is stimulating the continent economic and social development with creative solutions. Therefore, we focus on mobilising trade and investment capital into Africa to achieve sustainable development.

We look for investors whose interest in the continent transcends short term profit  and who are committed to the continent’s growth and development.

Our clients

The private sector has a great role to play in the development of African. Therefore, we work with entrepreneurs who have long term investment plans and who build sustainable business models. Our clients are generally linked by their entrepreneurial spirit, growth aspirations, as well as practical and value oriented approach to business.

We bring unique funding solutions for businesses even during funding difficult periods when  high street banks and private equity tighten funding streams for entrepreneurs.

How we work

Our strategy is stimulating the economic and social development of our operating environment with creative solutions. We believe every project can be financed, if packaged properly with the right collateral and necessary documentations.
At RCJ , we follow partnership focused approach to all transactions. We guarantee a careful preparation and presentation of clients’ potential to our funding partners. This boycotts unnecessary financing complexities and enables us to reach a clear negotiated agreement to support a business over the long term.

Here are some steps to getting funding for your project:

  • You submit your project to us; online or by email
  • We review your documents
  • We reply with a critique of your submission
  • We discuss further project preparation or due diligence with you
  • You sign exclusive mandate with us for funding services
  • We lease with relevant funding providers to complete the funding compliance process
  • We arrange the collateral package and perform all due diligence
  • We initiate “facilitating” with independent funding provider
  • We assist investor fund with underwriting and closing preparation
  • We finalize the funding process

Collaboration, it turns out, is not a gift from the gods but a skill that requires effort and

Douglas B. Reeves

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

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